Awards & Press

The title of the paper won Best Paper Award from WiSec 2016 is "Dissecting Customized Protocols: Automatic Analysis for Customized Protocols based on IEEE 802.15.4".
Ph.D. candidate Dong-Kwan Kim of Prof.essor Gun-Woo Moon’s research lab received the Best Paper Award at the 2016 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC). The title of the paper is “Bidirectional Bridgeless PFC with Reduced Input Current Distortion and Switching Loss Using Gate Skipping Technique.”   Conference: IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC 2016) Date: June 1~4, 2016 Location: Busan, Korea Award: Best Paper Award Title: Bidirectional Bridgeless PFC with Reduced Input Current Distortion and Switching Loss Using Gate Skipping Technique Authors: Dong-Kwan Kim, Yeonho Jeong, Cheon-Yong Lim, Byunggu Kang and Gun-Woo Moon
Professors Seunghyup Yoo and Sung-Yool Choi’s research team developed a method for constructing efficient and flexible organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and published their results in Nature Communications on June 2nd. This development in graphene OLED for flexibility and efficiency has generated a lot of interest. Detailed information can be found in the press article links below.   Press Link Yonhap News: KAIST:


Please update your personal information in Academic System under Portal System in order to receive a notice from the department office. (Notices will be sent to your phone number and email address (**** entered in Academic System.)   Portal – Academic System 1. Academic Records > Update Contact 2. Update Mobile Phone Number and KAIST E-mail 3. SAVE   * Please make sure to regularly update your personal information  if any changes are made.
Students expected to return to school 2016 Fall Semester must apply reinstatement during the designated  period (Monday, Aug. 1, 2016 - Friday, Aug. 5, 2016) with approval of your academic advisor and the head of your department/program on the Academic System.  Please have the tuition paid during Monday, Aug. 22, 2016 - Friday, Aug. 26, 2016. (According to the Academic Rules and Regulation Section 4, Article 34, returning students failing to register or  to pay their tuition fees during the registration period are subject to dismissal from their program.)    * 2016 Fall Semester begins on Thursday, September, 1    * Please refer to the attached files. 
To : All PhD students who entered in Fall semester (except for those entered in Spring semester) Subject: Research Performance Evaluation System for PhD Students   PhD students who entered in Fall semester must submit the Research Performance Evaluation to the EE Office by 2016. 7. 29 (Fri)   Research Performance Evaluation System (RPES) for Doctoral Students   1. Purpose of RPES - The performance evaluation system is to review and assess the candidate’s progress and development, and to provide academic support.   2. Process of RPES   ① Evaluation Period - The Research Accomplishment Evaluation System for Doctoral Students is conducted twice a year.   Process Date Where to submit Submission July. 5(Tues) - 29(Fri),  2016 EE Administrative Office Result in May, 2017 Individual Notification     ② Applicable students - This time a doctoral student who entered in Fall semester is subject to the research performance evaluations - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year doctoral students (Research Performance and GPA evaluation) -  Nth year (i.e. 5th year or more) doctoral students (Graduation Postponement Evaluation) - This includes part-time, full-time, special program, and international students. - For those taking master/doctoral-integrated program, this regulation will be effective upon your enrollment into a PhD program. - Research Accomplishment Evaluation System for Doctoral Student is supposed to take effect from July, 2007.  - Master students are excluded from the RPES.   ③ Documents for submission - Spring and Fall semester students should submit “Accomplishment Evaluation(#attached below)” and “Supplementary Documents(#attached below)” to the department by the beginning of January and July, respectively, every year.   ④ Lists of the Research Performance Evaluation and Standards - Refer to the attached file of “Research Performance Evaluation Lists and Standards with respect to the Doctoral Year”.   ⑤ Disqualified Students from Research Performance Evaluation - For 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year doctoral students, “Letter of Evaluation Results” will be sent to those, who are disqualified from the evaluation, and their professors. - Nth year doctoral students will be given a “Warning Letter of Graduation Postponement” - “Doctoral students whose GPA is under 2.5/4.3 will be sent a Warning Letter.   ⑥ Notice of the Research Accomplishment Evaluation Results - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year doctoral students are informed of the total score distribution of every corresponding students’ research accomplishment during the semester,  both the score and the rank (%) of their own research accomplishment.   ⑦ Annual Honor Roll Awards - Respective students, whose research performance evaluation results meet the following conditions, will receive an “Annual Honor Roll Award”: • 1st year doctoral students with 100 points or more • 2nd year doctoral students with 110 points or more  • 3rd year doctoral students with 120 points or more • 4th year doctoral students with 130 points or more.   3. Lists and Standards of Research Performance Evaluation   ①Lists and Standards of Successful Candidates among 1-4 Year Doctoral Students Item Point of Evaluation Reference 1st Author ① If not the 1stauthor ② Paper submitted㉮ ③Applied Patent ㉯ 1. ㉮Paper Submitted ㉯Applied Patent: The evaluation score is subject to change.  2. The accumulated score from Master’s courses is to be comprised in the evaluation standards.   3. International Patent: The multi-registered patent will be recognized as one patent. 4. Only one score of the paper, either the submitted or the published, will be awarded. International Journal 20 10 International Conference 10 5 Domestic Journal 5 3 Domestic Conference 2   International Patent 10 5 Domestic Patent (Software) 5 3 Other Research Performance (awards, publications…etc.) Less than 30 additional points can be awarded. Standards of Successful Candidate with respect to the Doctoral Years Standards Year of Doctoral Student Standards 1 Year Doctoral Student Over 30 Points 2 Year Doctoral Student Over 50 Points 3 Year Doctoral Student Over 70 Points 4 Year Doctoral Student Over 90 Points             ② Nth year students – “Warning of Graduation Postponement” will be given depending on their research performance.   ③ Up to 4th year doctoral students – Evaluation of GPA - “A warning letter” will be sent to the doctoral students whose GPA is under 2.5/4.3 during the corresponding semester.


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Title: Machine Learning Research Activities in EE When: 5월 20일 금요일 오후 1시 Where: IT융합센터 (N1 1층) Schedule: 5/20 (Fri)    13:00~15:00 : oral session    15:00~17:00 : poster session    17:30~ : Pizza Party
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