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KAIST electrical engineering department has been the department to submit and to be awarded the largest number of papers in the 23rd Samsung Electronics HumanTech Paper Awards (Award ceremony has been given on February 7, 2017). 36 papers passed the preliminary examination out of 77 submitted abstracts, and 11 papers finally received the awards with 3 Gold Prizes, 3 Silver Prizes, 3 Bronze Prizes, and 2 Encourage Prizes.    The 23rd Samsung Electronics HumanTech Paper Awards Awardees Category Prizes Advisor First Author Degree Pursuing Paper Titles Signal Processing Gold In So Kweon Yu-Kyoung Choi Ph.D. Multispectral Transfer Network: Unsupervised Depth Estimation for All-day Vision Signal Processing Bronze Hoi-Rin Kim Young-Kwan Kim Ph.D. Intra-Class Cohesive Regularization for DNN-Based Large Margin Acoustic Modeling Signal Processing Encouragement Jong Beom Ra Suk-Hwan Jang Ph.D. Head Motion Correction Based on Filtered Backprojection for x-ray CT Imaging Signal Processing Encouragement Yong Man Ro Sung-Tae Kim Ph.D. Face authentication using personal behavioral and physiological characteristics learned with expression-state Circuit Design Gold Gyu-Hyeong Cho Hee-Dong Kwon Ph.D. An AC-Coupled Single-Inductor Envelope Tracking Supply Modulator for LTE 20MHz Achieving 81.2% Efficiency from 2.7-to-4.2V Input Voltage Range Circuit Design Silver Hyeonmin Bae Ji-Hoon Lee Ph.D. 8Ω 10W output, 91% efficiency, 0.0023% THD+N linear Folded-PWM multi-level switching audio amplifier Circuit Design Bronze Hoi-Jun Yoo In-Soo Ha Ph.D. A 25.2mW EEG-NIRS Multimodal SoC for Accurate Anesthesia Depth Monitoring Circuit Design Bronze Gyu-Hyeong Cho Yeon-Hee Her Ph.D. A 10.1” 56 Channels, 183 uW/electrode, 0.73 mm2/sensor High SNR 3D Hover Sensor Based on Enhanced Signal Refining and Fine Error Calibrating Techniques Communication & Networks Gold Song Chong Young-Jin Kim Ph.D. Cloud or Edge? Hybrid Content Caching for Low End-to-End Latency in Cloud-Based Wireless Networks Computer Science & Engineering Silver Junmo Kim Jun-Ho Lim Ph.D. A study on the new Knowledge transfer technique based on the Deep Neural Network Mechanical Engineering Silver Jun-Bo Yoon Min-Ho Seo Ph.D. Nanoscale Contact-Separation on Graphene
A joint work led by a Ph.D., Sun Jin Kim, from Prof. Cho's laboratory and a research team led by Prof. Han Eol Lee from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at KAIST is published in ACS Nano and convered in news articles. The flexible thermoelectric elements fabricated using this process can provide high flexibility and outstanding power generation performance, as well as the highest current density compared to other printing-based elements. This fabrication process realizes convenience with the use of laser multiscanning lift-off technology. Further, it is superior to the existing methods in terms of process safety, and at the same time achieves weight reduction and flexibility of thermoelectric elements.   Title of the Article : Development of flexible thermometer power generator (Yonhapnews) Title of the Journal : ACS Nano Title of the Paper: High-Performance Flexible Thermoelectric Power Generator Using Laser Multiscanning Lift-Off Process Contents of the Paper: Development of high-performance flexible thermoelectric power generator using screenprinting technology and laser multiscanning lift-off process Authors : Sun Jin Kim (Prof. Cho's laboratory), Han Eol Lee (Prof. Lee's laboratory) and 6 others   Article Link: Paper Link :
Prof.  Han and Prof. Park is covered in news articles last week for developing a middlebox OS called "mOS."


Our department is holding a joint workshop with Vietnam premier engineering universities on February 20th-21th. As a cooperative first step with Vietnam premier engineering universities, we hope to attract very talented Vietnam engineering students into our graduate studies.   Especially on February 20th (Monday) 2:00-6:00 PM, individual laboratory studies and research topics from our department and from Vietnam universities are introduced. More detailed schedule and agenda is as follows: Date Time Program Location Monday Feb. 20 12:00 – 14:00 Lunch Faculty Club (2nd Floor, E5) 14:00 – 14:15 Welcome Remarks #2203, EE Building (E3-2) 14:15 – 15:45 KAIST EE: Introduction of School and Research Areas of Laboratories 15:45 – 16:00 Break 16:00 – 17:30 Vietnam Universities: Introduction of Universities, Departments, and Research Areas 17:30 – 18:30 Discussion and Networking 18:30 – Reception and Dinner Lobby, EE Building (E3-2) Tuesday Feb. 21 10:30 – 11:40 Technical TourⅠ: ETRI ICT Showroom ETRI 11:40 – 14:30 Lunch Korean Restaurant 14:30 – 15:00 Technical TourⅡ: KAIST Institute Dr. M Showroom KAIST Institute (E4) 15:00 – 17:00 KAIST EE Lab. Tour   15:00 – 15:30 Prof. Songcheol Hong Various Buildings 15:30 – 16:00 Prof. Yongdae Kim 16:00 – 16:30 Prof. In-So Kweon 16:30 – 17:00 Prof. Hyunmin Bae 17:00 – 17:30 Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks #2203, EE Building (E3-2)
1. New INTRANET initiation Along with the newly updated department website in last July, the new INTRANET system will be available in upcoming February 2, 2017. Click the INTRANET button on the right-top side of the main department website ( with a KAIST Portal login account to use the new INTRANET system, just as before. The temporary “ee-new” prefix in the website domain will be changed to the ordinary “ee” prefix with the scheduled maintenance time.    The design and UI have entirely been changed, and are also available in English. Newly available functions include Lecture Selection, Survey, and Free Bulletin Board menus, as well as Seminar Room Reservation, Master’s degree advising professor appointment status, and Materials menus that have already been available before. Lecture Selection menu is only available for professors. In the Survey menu, one can put a survey on a public/private basis, while in the Free Bulletin Board menu, one can write any article with one’s name or in anonymous to provide a room for free discussions.         2. Maintenance and operation schedule notification The website will be temporarily unavailable for initiating the new INTRANET system. The scheduled maintenance time is from January 30, 2017 (Mon.) to February 1, 2017 (Wed.) (3 days). In this period, seminar room reservation will be unavailable. Please make a reservation ahead for early February reservations. ( -> "INTRANET button on the right-top side until Jan. 29)
The electrical engineering department has newly opened a new lecture called "My EE" in the 2017 Spring semester. Please refer to the 'My EE' introduction page for more detailed information and FAQs.   Curriculum Introduction Lecture Title: Electrical Engineering Special Lecture 1 – “My life and career in EE” (code: EE485) Eligibility: Electrical Engineering Sophomores (2nd-year undergraduate students) Credit: 1 credit (choose a major) Schedule: once in every two weeks starting the first week (Wednesdays of odd weeks)   Major Contents Acquisition of basic knowledge and things EE students must know for better college lives Individual career path design in a fast changing electrical engineering environment Student-Advising Professor mutually involved seminars and panel talks  


International Office Year-end Ceremony of EE took place on Dec. 23rd, 2016.
KAIST Information Theory & Machine Learning Workshop was held at N1 #201 on Dec. 20th, 2016.
2016 Introduction of School of EE for freshmen students was held on Nov. 17th, 2016